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Knowledgeable Legal Guidance For Restaurant Owners And Operators

The restaurant business can be both an exciting and glamorous profession. One does not need to have extensive experience or background in it to get started, just reasonable goals and the drive to get there. There are, however, many hidden areas that are not apparent during the planning and operational stages. For example – are you bound to an equipment lease or a credit card procession contract in case the provider does not perform in the way that was expected? What type of advertising is the most effective despite the advertisers’ claims? What happens when a patron claims that your restaurant caused them harm?

The answers to these questions may not be as clear to someone who hasn’t encountered this before. Such aspects, as well as other unknown hurdles, should be handled by an experienced professional who can guide both newcomers to the business as well as seasoned operators. Matthew P. Crimmel, owner of Matthew P. Crimmel Esq. Attorney at Law, PLLC, can help with that process.

Get Help From An Attorney With Real-World Experience

Mr. Crimmel has owned and operated his own restaurant for over 28 years, operated a food truck and has operated a satellite location in a major college stadium. Most importantly, he is a practicing attorney licensed in New Jersey, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Matthew P. Crimmel offers comprehensive knowledge of the restaurant business as well as his closely related legal advice and services. Some of the areas of restaurant law his firm handles include:

• Entity formation (partnership, LLC, Corp., etc.)
• Partnership agreements
• Franchising – lease and site review
• Licensing – general business advice/contract and document review
• Litigation and dispute resolution
• Liability defense – employment law/sale and dissolution agreements

Mr. Crimmel has dual experience in the law and restaurant ownership that makes him ideally suited to provide advice and guidance to fellow restaurateurs.

Flexible Services And Fee Arrangements Are Available

Each client is unique and has different needs. For that reason, Matthew P. Crimmel can offer complete services or individual services. For one client who needs all-inclusive help taking a restaurant concept plan past the idea stage into reality, a comprehensive, practical and legal consultation package is available. If only specific services are required, fees can be determined at a flat or hourly rate. All fees would depend on the specific situation and client needs.

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Matthew P. Crimmel Esq. Attorney at Law, PLLC, serves clients in West Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you own a restaurant and are looking for knowledgeable legal services and advice, look no further than attorney Matthew P. Crimmel. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling 855-987-3824 or by emailing the firm. If you prefer not to come into the office, attorney Crimmel can also do virtual meetings, allowing you to meet from the comfort of your own home.