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The general practice of civil law encompasses a wide range of matters that are settled both in and outside of the courtroom. Among these areas are contract formation and enforcement, employment law and plaintiff representation. Matthew P. Crimmel’s comprehensive experience in the business world is an advantage for a client who needs an attorney who can effectively advise and address the client’s needs. This is an area of law where other attorneys who handle many diverse practice areas may not have the knowledge or be as effective as Matthew P. Crimmel can be. It is because of this that Matthew P. Crimmel can serve his clients’ needs and help protect their interests in the following areas:

Assisting Business Owners With Contracts And Legal Document Formation

In business, it is imperative that parties reduce their rights and responsibilities to a written form. A well-drafted contract or document by a business-minded attorney not only clearly states the party’s intentions but also looks to address circumstances that can arise that the client may not foresee. Without the guidance of an attorney in the formation of a contract, simple oversights, omissions or ambiguous statements could be the difference between a contract that is enforceable versus one that is not. Matthew P. Crimmel’s years of business experience can provide you with a clear and well-prepared document. Should the need arise to enforce a party’s rights in the event of a contract dispute or breach, Matthew P. Crimmel can pursue a cause of action through settlement and/or commercial litigation.

Powerful Legal Help With Debt Collection

If a party defaults on payments for products or services rendered or fails to satisfy a debt, there can be redress in the courts. Courts have the ability to compel the noncompliant party to pay what is owed to you. Even then, if the party still does not pay, there are mechanisms for collection such as liens, garnishments and property seizures to satisfy the judgment. Matthew P. Crimmel can represent you in order to seek payment for what you are owed.

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