Experienced, Professional And Aggressive In And Out Of The Courtroom

An Attorney Ready To Fight For Your Interests In Civil Litigation

Attorney Matthew P. Crimmel is an advocate for the rights of his clients and will pursue the proper legal action. As a civil litigation plaintiff’s attorney, he can provide representation for clients in most legal situations that do not involve an arrest for a crime. This can range from motor vehicle accident lawsuits to employment claims or business disputes.

In a typical civil litigation case, when someone is wronged and it results in more than minimal damage, the wronged party seeks some form of compensation. If the parties cannot settle the matter themselves, then it is time to hire an attorney. Sometimes drafting a simple letter may bring the matter to a close, but other times, filing a lawsuit and seeing it through to trial is the only way to resolve the issue at hand.

Smart, Strategic Representation In A Wide Range Of Civil Court Disputes

Mr. Crimmel has the experience and knowledge needed to aggressively represent your interests in litigation related to:

    • Personal injury claims
    • Defamation cases
    • Property damage lawsuits
    • Contract disputes
    • Business litigation
    • Consumer litigation
    • Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection, violation litigation

The firm primarily represents plaintiffs in legal disputes, but Mr. Crimmel is also experienced in defense work.

Exploring All Options For A Successful Resolution

Most clients would prefer to stay out of court, if possible. Finding alternative resolutions typically saves time and money. It also tends to be less contentious, which preserves the possibility that both parties could maintain a functional relationship after the dispute is resolved. Mr. Crimmel starts by negotiating with the other party in an attempt to reach an agreement or settlement. If an agreement cannot be reached or the other party refuses to negotiate in good faith, Mr. Crimmel will not hesitate to take the matter to court to seek the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

Get Started With An Initial Consultation About Your Legal Matter

Matthew P. Crimmel Esq. Attorney at Law, PLLC, serves clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. If you need experienced representation in a civil dispute, contact the firm today to schedule an initial consultation. You can reach out online or call 855-987-3824. If you prefer not to come into the office, attorney Crimmel can also do virtual meetings, allowing you to meet from the comfort of your own home.